Forth in the Peace of Christ We Go

Forth in the peace of Christ we go;
Christ to the world with joy we bring;
Christ in our minds, Christ on our lips,
Christ in our hearts, the world's true king.

King of our hearts, Christ makes us kings;
Kingship with him his servants gain;
With Christ, the Servant-Lord of all,
Christ's world we serve to share Christ's reign.

Priests of the world, Christ sends us forth,
The world of time to consecrate,
The world of sin by grace to heal,
Christ's world in Christ to recreate.

Christ's are our lips, his word we speak;
Prophets are we whose deeds proclaim
Christ's truth in love that we may be
Christ in the world, to spread Christ's name.

We are the Church; Christ bids us show
That in his Church all nations find
Their hearth and home where Christ restores
True peace, true love, to humankind.

James Quinn