Advent Litany

Word of justice, Alleluia,
Come to dwell here, Maranatha!

Word of mercy, Alleluia,
Live among us. Maranatha!

Word of power, Alleluia,
Live within us. Maranatha!

Word of freedom, Alleluia,
Save your people. Maranatha!

Word of healing, Alleluia,
Heal our sorrow. Maranatha!

Word of comfort, Alleluia,
Bring us hope now. Maranatha!

Word of gladness, Alleluia,
Fill our hearts now. Maranatha!

Word of wisdom, Alleluia,
Come renew us. Maranatha!

Word we long for, Alleluia,
Word we thirst for. Maranatha!

Key of David, Alleluia,
Son of Mary, Maranatha!

Promised Saviour, Alleluia,
True Messiah, Maranatha!

Cry of prophets, Alleluia,
Hope of ages, Maranatha!

Light of nations, Alleluia,
Light in darkness, Maranatha!

Risen Saviour, Alleluia,
Lord of glory, Maranatha!

You we long for, Alleluia,
You we thirst for, Maranatha!

Here among us, Alleluia,
Living in us, Maranatha!

Bernadette Farrell