From Penola's Plains

Loving God, we give You thanks this day as gladly we rejoice,
That a woman's life should so proclaim a love that heard Your voice.
Now inspired by her example, may we strive to seek Your face,
So that in our rugged homeland the poor will find a place.
Here with Mary of the Cross we pray Your truth may guide our way,
That our open hearts may hear Your call to follow You each day.

Hearts that grow with faith-filled learning in schools inspiring youth,
Eyes embracing God in Nature, and minds in love with truth:
Such the single-minded vision of Julian's mission heart
And of all the founding Sisters with whom we play our part.
Their same Spirit is upon us for need is at our door,
We rejoice to grasp like Mary, the blessing of the poor.

Let our praise now fill this joyful space as loudly we proclaim
That in Mary's life we see the faith that glorifies Your name.
For her heart knew Your compassion at the plight of children poor.
So she mustered all her courage and saw her future call.
Trusting firm in You she ventured forth, her eyes upon your cross.
From Penola's plains to all the world her arms reached out in love.

We will listen to the voices, the cries of human need,
We will listen to the stories, wherever they may lead.
For the dreams of Joseph guide us on the way to who we are,
It is Christ with whom we travel: friend, foe, at home, afar.
People suff'ring, poor, in danger, are Christ in this our time
And our actions serve to judge us, not words, however fine.

Holy Spirit gift of love divine, with You we dare to dream.
May Your wisdom come to lead us on where justice reigns supreme.
Now may Mary's love inspire us, and the cross still lead us on.
Give us hearts that never waver 'til victory is won.
Let our lives show forth Your tender love, compassion warm and bold.
Help us bring Good News to all the world, Your Spirit Love unfold.

Michael Herry, Susan Connelly